Ipswich at War
A few days after Sept. 11, 2001, poet and essayist Douglas McDaniel moved to Ipswich, on the North Shore of Massachusetts. A collection of poems from that period of fear and anxiety, as well as the polemic essay, "Media Arts and War."
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Glasnost Lost
As an act of defiance after the botched election of 2000, experiential author launched himself into a journey into the underworld of American life, or, what he calls: The Science of Descent.
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Mythville: One

Godz, Cars & Cannon
Experiential author Douglas McDaniel launches himself into a real-life search for the so-called Da Vinci code, driving into the networked thickets of American life, looking for signs of myth and romance in the age of automotive machines.
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OK, OK, so I watched Game 7 of the Boston vs. New York ALCS series and nothing fell out of the sky and blew up when the curse of the Bambino was erased. OK, OK, I was mildly amused to see the Sox run onto the field, happy as hell, released from all that. Glad to see the sad faces of the New Yorkers who are left now to think why their God has forsaken them. Still think It`s just a game. Hope all those folks who watched this across the country might now take the time to do a little inventory, get themselves centered and right, for a few days, before they once again let them get absorbed in the final grand bread and circus called Major League Baseball`s World Series. Maybe just think, as they enjoy and drink, what there role is in whatever is about to go down, if anything at all. And if that is you in an SUV ... O, don`t get me started.

Police Tactic, Photo Anger Students
But A Larger Number Of Students Expressed
Their Ire Toward The Police For Using
Crowd-Control Tactics That Led To The Tragedy

Boston Mayor Backs Off Booze Ban
The death of a college student who was hit in the eye
wih a pepper spray-filled projectile has sparked anger
and questions about whether Boston police used too much
force to break up revelers after the come-from-behind
World Series victory by the Red Sox.

Boston Cops Under Fire For Killing Bosox Fan
Many Wonder If Police Used Too Much Force Trying To Quell Crowd