About a week ago I was having a coffee on a Sunday afternoon with one of my best bards at the Biltmore, a swanky shopping mall in Phoenix, when I noticed that while I was smoking the drift was floating onto the table of an older gent who was getting really annoyed. So I offered to switch tables with him so that we could be downwind from him.
But he replied the smoke was bothering him at all. Sure, he used to smoke, apparently, but he had quit a long time ago. What was really annoying him was that he had been showing up at that spot for a long time to meet with his old World War II buddies during his years of service with the merchant marine, and now there was hardly anybody in his unit alive. So the implication was this: He was the last one left to show up.
He then proceeded to tell us his story, since we were the only ones left to talk to at this point in time. It began with his rendition of how, exactly, he quit smoking cigarrettes. I lit up and listened ...


OK, OK, so I watched Game 7 of the Boston vs. New York ALCS series and nothing fell out of the sky and blew up when the curse of the Bambino was erased. OK, OK, I was mildly amused to see the Sox run onto the field, happy as hell, released from all that. Glad to see the sad faces of the New Yorkers who are left now to think why their God has forsaken them. Still think it`s just a game. Hope all those folks who watched this across the country might now take the time to do a little inventory, get themselves centered and right, for a few days, before they once again let them get absorbed in the final grand bread and circus called Major League Baseball`s World Series. Maybe just think, as they enjoy and drink, what there role is in whatever is about to go down, if anything at all. And if that is you ordering your men to fire into the crowd ... O, don`t get me started.

Police Tactic, Photo Anger Students
But A Larger Number Of Students Expressed
Their Ire Toward The Police For Using
Crowd-Control Tactics That Led To The Tragedy

Boston Mayor Backs Off Booze Ban
The death of a college student who was hit in the eye
wih a pepper spray-filled projectile has sparked anger
and questions about whether Boston police used too much
force to break up revelers after the come-from-behind
World Series victory by the Red Sox.

Boston Cops Under Fire For Killing Bosox Fan
Many Wonder If Police Used Too Much Force Trying To Quell Crowd

Radio Free Arizona
Springsteen: Re-Released and Redeployed

I have been living like a tramp lately, but in the new century of exclusion (as opposed to inclusion), membership still has its privileges. For that reason, I endorse the BMG Music Club, of which I am now a member, and now I bring to you critical news of what landed on my doorstep as the first installment, "The Essential Bruce Springsteen." The triple-CD collection of basic Bruce, of course, for the most part, nobody needs, except for the 12 bonus tracks, which most true fans will find to be … um, essential.
I have always loathed Mr. Bruce Springsteen. And it is more than just having the Boss hanging around, bossing around my radio airwaves for decades and decades. Read More.

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Ipswich at War
A few days after Sept. 11, 2001, poet and essayist Douglas McDaniel moved to Ipswich, on the North Shore of Massachusetts. A collection of poems from that period of fear and anxiety, as well as the polemic essay, "Media Arts and War."
Read more and purchase

Glasnost LostAs an act of defiance after the botched election of 2000, experiential author launched himself into a journey into the underworld of American life, or, what he calls: The Science of Descent. Read more and purchase

A Christian Republican Speaks to Other Christians:
BEWARE: The GOP has become a Fascist Cult

By Karl W. B. Schwarz

Many people are getting in touch with me asking about what I see, what I know, and why as a Conservative Christian Republican I am not backing Bush – Cheney and would not vote for them at gun point. Read More.

The New York Times > National > Part-Time Soldiers, Injured but Not Yet Home

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[Proof of Coup 2000!] When five voted for millions --by Robyn E. Blumner "One of the darkest hours in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court was Dec. 12, 2000, at 10 p.m., when the five-member conservative majority handed the presidency to George W. Bush over his rival Al Gore... Reporter David Margolick headed a writing team that spoke with a number of former Supreme Court clerks who were there when the Bush case came before the court... Margolick reports that Justice Antonin Scalia was so anxious to shut the recount down that he pressured his colleagues to do so even before the Gore legal team had a chance to respond. That didn't happen, but consideration of the matter was moved up to the next morning. On the 9th, a stay was issued. According to Margolick, the court's more conservative members, Chief Justice William Rehnquist, Justices Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy, quickly started 'sending around memos to their colleagues, each of them offering a different rationale for ruling in Bush's favor.' They were 'auditioning arguments,' Margolick wrote. During the first go-round, Margolick reports, an O'Connor clerk told fellow clerks that 'O'Connor was determined to overturn the Florida decision and was merely looking for grounds.' This was a court unhinged from the law, operating in a purely political guise, bereft of legitimacy."

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