Ipswich at War
A few days after Sept. 11, 2001, poet and essayist Douglas McDaniel moved to Ipswich, on the North Shore of Massachusetts. A collection of poems from that period of fear and anxiety, as well as the polemic essay, "Media Arts and War."
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Glasnost Lost
As an act of defiance after the botched election of 2000, experiential author launched himself into a journey into the underworld of American life, or, what he calls: The Science of Descent. Read more and purchase

Announcing the release of
"23 Roads to Mythville"

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Mythville: One

Godz, Cars & Cannon
Experiential author Douglas McDaniel launches himself into a real-life search for the so-called Da Vinci code, driving into the networked thickets of American life, looking for signs of myth and romance in the age of automotive machines.
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Mythville: Dos

Human Search Engine
The journey continues as the quest for myth in an age of information overload leads to online life as an editor for Access Internet Magazine. A story about all human search engines as they chase the ghost in the machine.
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Mythville: Tres

William Blake in Cyberspace
Experiential author Douglas McDaniel takes on the visionary art and poetry of William Blake, comparing an otherworldly worldview to that revolutionary, romantic era to our own wild, wired, mythic world.
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Club Zero-G: A Graphic Novel
Teaming with Canadian independent comic artist Steph Dumais, Douglas Rushkoff has delivered a mind-altering journey into a universe where consensus reality is up for grabs. The story follows Zeke, a gangly, unpopular, 19-year-old college student - a townie who also happens to attend the elite college in his community - who has discovered a terrific new club where he is accepted and popular. There's only one catch: everyone at the club is dreaming. It only exists in the shared dream consciousness of its participants. If at all.
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The Mummy Mountain Story
A new e-book by Paradise Valley, Arizona author Lance Kaufman draws from the Mummy Mountain range to make people aware of "the art that exists in so many forms on the Mountain so they will be more sympathetic to the issues of nature." The price of the e-book is $25 per copy with a portion of the earnings going to the Mummy Mountain Preserve Trust to purchase land on Mummy Mountain.
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From Death Comes a Scribbler
A tribute to the master scribbler, Edward Gorey, by an artist only known as The Unknown Scribbler.
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Have You Ever Had a Hunch?
In a study of the psychology of the creative process, author Ellen Palestrant provides a motivating model for self-expression.
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Haunted Arizona: The Ghosts of the Grand Canyon State
Ellen Robson, the author of "Haunted Highways: The Ghosts of Route 66," now offers a book detailing the haunts in everything from old hotels to restaurants in various nooks and crannies across the state.
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The Bards of Mythville

The Kachina's Son
Poems about the Four Corners area written while author Douglas McDaniel was living in Telluride, Colorado.
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We ... a spirit seeking harmony for a world that's out of sync
Poems by Paradise Valley, Arizona poetess and photographer Heather Kirk.
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Ipswich at War
A few days after Sept. 11, 2001, poet and essayist Douglas McDaniel moved to Ipswich, on the North Shore of Massachusetts. A collection of poems from that period of fear and anxiety, as well as the polemic essay, "Media Arts and War."
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The Road to Mythville
A collection of poems on the new millennium in America, drawing from decade of bouncing across the country as a journalist and Kerouac-style poet, from the Southwestern deserts to the shores of New England and back again.
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Fairytales for Children

Taylor Rabbit
Massachusetts storyteller "Sully" offers a much-recommended walk through a pastoral New England farm with a beautifully illustrated, downright poetic series of animal tales for kids.
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Meet the Real Harry Potter

Quest Scroll of the Argonauts
A "Digital Scroll" by author and medievalist Harry Potter tells the legend of Jason and the quest for the Golden Fleece, his struggle with the witch he loved, and the dragon. A translation from the ancient Greek classic (Apollonius' Argonautica), it is transcribed in a Cimmerian font specially designed for this work and includes eldar illustrations.
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