Need ideas for a sports story: How about something on fan psychosis, counseling for those who might need it, should they lose? Every time there is a change in fortunes at Fenway, they all look like they believe God has forsaken them. Like they hate their wives, wish their Cambridge mistresses would move to Phoenix so they could get rid of their personal demons.

Each game feels like time itself is grinding to a halt. Thank god I am not closer to it than I am. Man, there are more important things to worry about, like the city of New York turning into a descending riot of zoo animals should the Yanks lose on a bad call. A whole regiment on the field, jeez, there is the coming Urizen state right there. O, yes, sieg heil, Arnold and Maria Shriver (what a couple). Fascism looms. Hell, it`s here already. The marketable action figure looks like that ubermensch singing cop at the seventh inning in Fenway during the day game they had there, all duked out in his Neo-SS uniform and bull-necked, butthead haircut, singing America das Beautiful. I thought of Valhalla and the helicopters of Apocalypse Now. Of Nazi furies operatic.

Fuck. It hurts. Hard to watch. Remember when New Yorkers were playing handsies across the rockpile after 911? Now look at them, look at all of us. Descending into not even tribes, but mere creatures of personal survival.

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