We all fell
like thieves
through the day,
the sudden cloud,
shadows of sentiment
and fully sentient
unbeings, unfeeling, unquieted
watch like angels over our shoulder,
shouting up new storms, loudly ...
~ Mingo, Kansas, exit. 22

Zen Presby Rebellion Begins at Home
as Sir Freduo Lands Upon the Plains
of Pop Goes Paranoid ...

At Medicine Helmet he noticed he himself had become a kind of Hobbit oil leak, gazing into space, not realizing the nozzle had gone wrong. This new self-unregulated issue of finding himself unable to attend to that kind of connectivity the dino-to-car-to-forward movement kind ... well it must have been a new, in fact, the first side effect of not wearing the Ring of Doom (copyright completely ignored).
Yes, Sir Freudo kept arising with the odd call of the muses at 3 a.m., and the stars were all quite bright at the same grand country roads ending along the way. Finally, he found himself at the far end of some annonoplace outside of Chicago ... and alas, there were no more guards around. He saw a UFO in the sky, a chemtrail across the otherwise heavenly evening sky, but he was unimpressed with the sauturnine presence of these things. It was like, "Dudes, I really don't need that right now."
Things are strange and weird enough in a America at Not Quite Declared War as it was already.
He went back inside the still unfamiliar castle afforded him by his queen friend later on, having refound the ring from his various travel boxes, feeling better, empowered even ... considering the wide open possibilities for his future: Imagining
friends, family, loved ones, left behind. Then, he wept ...
Lacking an internet, he sent messages of love back to his family and friends and fans by mental telepathy alone ... another nice new supposed "evil" of the Ring ...
After taking a breath, Sir Freudo began to investigate the castle's vast library, located in one special center room deep in the castle, used as a gathering point of all kinds of phantasmagorical imagery, where two frames of the lore of the early history of the first Presbyterians of Scotland was related. One of these frames contained a dark old painting that was hard to view due tot he darkened glare of much reflected sunlight from the outside. However, it appaeared to be an image of wild rogue Scot peasants conducting some kind of emotional intolerabration. Everyone was in the square braying, and wailing and gnashing their teeth; Freudo surmised that he could impose himself closer to get a better view, he might be able to begin to fathom the relationships between the nighly individuated, downright imoortalized figures in play. But, actually, he was far more curious about he other frame, which seemed to include alternative lyrics to ELP's version of William Blake's "Jerusalem":

In Scotland's green and hilly lands,
walking oer' the oil-dimmed tides,
there's nothing sacred t0 be read
that doesn't smell like gasoline ...
Tho most Sinclairs are gone to red
there be hope amongst us still
that where we dwell
will be a land
that's safe for us
with water to drink

And tho we weep
with a great sense of loss
of choking family, friends and fans
We'll do our best
to carry on
the best we can
to help every man ...

Because 'ol Dino Sinclair
was a grand 'ol fellow
we all walk upon
Scotland Yard's
yellowy yellowbricked
Roady roads, Ahmen ...

~ Somewhere's in the Midwest,
August, 2010 ... late in the day,
but out of the black rain

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