Lost Hero Blues
Laying down his bones
in the dispossed back alley,
the bone man shivers in the streetlight
Ambushing archers, waiting in the wood,
keep a keen eye far into the distance for the enemies of love
She picks up his bones breathes flesh from her stone,
but then walks away, stinging his flesh with a slap to awake him
Leaving his bones, again ...
Le Heusero died again, and he lingers here, beneath this tree,
as the corridor waits to hear the song of the beautiful man
whose legend is told from hill to hill,
mountain to mountain & sea to misty sea.
Information Disease
After seeing the morning light
through three motel room windows
the dog came out, delivered by a member
of the Select Committee to Keep Me
From Doing Anything But Writing Poetry
and in that morning blight, the red and yellow light
yellow as the angry sun, degenerated all of mankind
into a dumbed down cromagmun gun, that, lacking
any more access to information, imagined itself into a slick
And just as fast, although less permanent,
in the corner of my eye, the profound Eris of the deep
caught up with conversation with an heiress of the Grand Old Party
and the earth's unpleasant grip on the dominion of sin quaked, rattled, rolled
and water vapor seeped up, toward the earth's surface, from underground and flowers
bloomed louder and we all got younger and the wind softened and daylight sent love sighs
into the breeze
Douglas McDaniel,
Morning Sun, Iowa

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