If you can answer the following questions correctly, both God and the Devil, both the dying age of scientific rationalism and the coming age of pure Luddite ingenuity, as well as the eventual spokesperson for the final looming Armageddon to decide which is tastier, Pepsi or Coke, will grant you "peace on earth" for just one night and maybe until lunch the next day.
One: Are we voting for anything this week? 
     Two: While everyone has a pretty good idea of who their personal anti-Christ is, has the actual Jesus-to-be been located? 
Three: Can you do anything about the weather? 
And Four: Do you actually know WTF? ..
 There are other questions, of course. Should we support unions? Support cities, towns, states, countries, embrace borders at all? 

Should we get soft on gamblers? Let dogs marry cats? Consult our doctors? Marry our lawyers?

Listen to John McCain talk tough? Send a strongly worded missive to Big Bad Obama?

Who knows? WTF?

     "Tough" is just a word for this dying age of old guys who once couldn't be trusted if they were over the age of thirty for very good reasons I care not to go into right now ... other than to say it seems strange to me that none of them have much to say about their military indoctrination films, can't remember, etc. All I know is if you mention Ronald Reagan they start clapping like seals.

Not that there's anything wrong with seals.

   You can support the police supporting the protesters in Madison, Wisconsin, but there's nothing more intense than trying to listen to a couple of law enforcement guys commiserate themselves into a steroid-driven huff as they discuss the nuances of their bennies.

Meanwhile, even broader forms of united messengers are still to emerge: Call them Team Yahoo. Team Google. Team Huffington, Team Twitter, Team FOX, Team Maddow, Team Colbert and Team  Howl.

We'll just have to wait for the coach of Team Glenn Beck to get fired, though Team Rush Limbaugh, that puss-filled miscreant, might be looking for a job soon ... and therefore, singing to a different tune.

I look forward to being indifferent to that.

And Team Facebook? As wide open and mind-melding as that's growing up to be ... It was just sold to a Russian investor who just might be newly corporate KGB.

The last Twitter invite I received was from a CNN reporter who received his schooling from the U.S. Army signal intelligence corpse.

So I immediately "unfriended" him.

I felt first relieved, then sad, about that.

Anyway, both Twitter and Facebook are what used to be called intranets. What I used to call, a decade ago, roach motels. You can get your head fully immersed in both.

The question is: Can you get it out? 

All of these have been sent into motion by a set of swirling eddies of human passions, scientific inquiry and business theories built upon mass social research perfected into a kind of weapon by the masters of manipulation ... so many of these, turning their screws, but they don't play well with each other, nor listen to each other very well, either. 

     As old sound gets louder in these deafening corners of  greed and discontent, the details are all well beyond clear understanding. Why bother even trying to understand? 

          I watched FOX News for more than an hour on Sunday evening, after my usual drifting around the triad of CNN, MSNBC and the Weather Channel, then I checked the paper. Went, "Nope." Unless I'm hideously mistaken, I've got nothing to vote on for quite some time now.

I don't want a gun. Do I need one?
       You can't fight the weather. The galaxy is treating the planet like an ant colony, HARP isn't hiring,
and right
were born to fight,
and the sun will do what the moon does not, or visa versa ... um, vital, "V" is for victory, when nobody is the clear winner ... Whoever Nobody is ... whatever.

Same for the planets. Even for those, we learn now, are very close, but can't see.

But if exnophobia is playing off xenophobia, and order imposed creates "chaos," which is only a word meaning " incomprehension" for whatever passes for "normal" or, "paranormal," at any time of day ... then I think the best choice is to step away, look away and watch the passion play. 

So, to keep this short: Amazement is our leading national recourse,
and while there's nothing more exhausting than inaction,
to create more waves only intensified the human storm.
Swim with the shore. Swim with the shore.

That's what the Hopi wise man is once claimed to say.

However, this statement has not been fact-checked.

Just  watchin' the wheels go round-and-round. Indeed, indeed. God, I sure do miss John Lennon. Wish the Dahli Llama would come 'round more often.

But it's still winter, and right now it's not so bad that what should be snow on the plains of the Midwest has turned to rain instead ... so I'll just wait some more for the sun come round again to smile for a while ... until I finally know:
 What the Fuck!


Bruce said...

I do enjoy reading your articles. Sort of a maverick writer/observer

Douglas McDaniel said...

I wish Sarah Palin was around to blush ...