Map of the Multiverse

High my name is Cycle in the the Sky
you are beneath me, moaning
Pluto came out this afternoon
and the air stopped breathing

High my name is Cappin' Crunch
and I stared at the cereal box
too long and I missed school,
learned everything needed to know

High my name is ruthless energy
and I was born after everything okay,
then it wasn't and now it's not okay
but that's okay because of chocolate

High my name is Mother and I am worry,
the fear shaping you into a loving being,
who then fell in your father's arms, crying,
led you away into a glaring light, to be alone

High my name is Sister Moon and the Sun
spoke to me this afternoon and said,
"Hey, Zeus, since we all suck let's make
gravity enough to keep our feet planted here."

High my name is Universal and you'll
never guess who is recreated nor smear
the salt into your daughter's wounds
to make hell a laughing anti-matter

High my name is Rock and Roll
and we get delivered white towels
each day to wash us of our sins
and then silence, loud master, breathes again

High my name is Art and Time is yours,
not mine, and the mines, kept open,
the farms, lacking workers, can howl
but man, sure is pretty ... sure is, sure is

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