Keystone Strokes
Oh, so that's what it was all about ...

One of the interesting facets of neo-conservative behavior since the election is how they are far louder, and unified, in supporting the mandates of the oil, gas and coal industry than they were before the election.

In fact, Sen. Mitch McConnell could barely restrain himself for a day after the election before he started chatting up the "energy revolution," which was, in fact, an energy counter-revolution paid for by such members of the oligarchy as the Koch brothers. Such conservative media outlets as FOXnews, the Christian Science Monitor and, big surprise, the Houston Chronicle, also gushed about the so-called mandate as if they were members of a group called Gasohaulics Anonymous.

A conspiracy? Not exactly, but an orchestrated confession? Yes, quite.

While the politics of fear -- ISIS, ebola and immigration -- stoked the reptilian hind brain of the republic -- a few hundred million campaign dollars to get Keystone passed was merely the price of doing business for some of the worst polluters on earth. These polluters are trying to disguise what has been described as a billionaire carbon bomb.

As Salon.com reported this past spring, "The Keystone XL pipeline isn’t just about oil and gas companies. It’s also about the Koch brothers and their vast influence over the Republican party. That influence extends as well to Canada’s oil sands."

The Washington Post reports: a subsidiary of Koch Industries, owned by bros Charles and David, is among the land’s largest lease holders.

Here's who would benefit from Keystone XL:

●Cenovus Energy (Canada) 1.57 million (includes rights to an air weapons range)

●Athabasca Oil Corp. (Canada) 1.56 million

●Koch (U.S.) 1.12 million to 1.47 million

●Canadian Natural Resources (Canada) 1 million

●Suncor (Canada) 986,000

"According to the Washington Post, "The link between Koch and Keystone XL is, however, indirect at best. Koch’s oil production in northern Alberta is “negligible,” according to industry sources and quarterly publications of the provincial government. Moreover, Koch has not reserved any space in the Keystone XL pipeline, a process that usually takes place before a pipeline is built. The pipeline also does not run anywhere near Koch’s refining facilities. And TransCanada, owner of the Keystone routes, says Koch is not expected to be one of the pipeline’s customers.

Still, the activist group that is publicizing the figures about Koch holdings in the oil sands – the International Forum on Globalization – is arguing that Koch will benefit indirectly. The IFG contends that the Keystone XL pipeline will create competition among rail and other pipelines and lower transportation costs for all oil sands producers, bolstering profit margins and making additional reserves economically viable."

This isn't happening in a vacuum, but there you are scratching your heads. Maybe some search terms might help: Cholla Power Plant, Navajo Generating Station, Peabody Energy, Koch Industries, Keystone Pipeline, cheaper gas, coal industry in trouble. It's all about a flood of dark money percolated to the surface in the form of what these politicians are now saying. It's a Citizens United flood that doesn't discriminate, a saturation strategy to buy any politician across the gerrymandered nation who will serve the oil and gas industry. They are out in force now championing the desires of their masters.

And they could care less if the pipeline crosses every major tributary, and every major aquifer, west of the Mississippi River.

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